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Why I write…

Washington State, Pacific coast beachI haven’t worked in my chosen field for longer than I ever worked in it. I was a sports reporter who enjoyed writing for a newspaper and thrived off the deadlines that came with it. I knew when we started a family I would stay at home. I wanted to be that ever-present figure. The one who could pick up other people’s children, was available for play dates, could volunteer in classes and bake cupcakes. Hindsight, right?

As is it turns out, a family of six requires a lot of upkeep. The dishes, cooking and laundry alone consume hours every week. I’m organized and reliable by nature, but still feel frazzled every Sunday when I check that week’s doings. I started to feel I was getting left behind in the activities, driving, meetings, games, driving, den meetings and driving. That college girl who would pour herself into journals writing down every emotion and event, inspecting everything, that girl didn’t fit on the schedule. She’d been missing quite a few years. Slowly I’d forgotten what I was passionate about in the quest to help my kiddos discover what they’re passionate about.

I decided to start a public blog to find that girl again. It’s been awhile. She’s been through A LOT and is now married woman with four people to guide and raise.  Parenting is ridiculously harder than I ever imagined. It seems I daily feel the need to apologize to my children for my lack of knowledge on how to help other human beings become the best they can. Most days I feel like a mess myself, and that’s before I’ve dealt with anyone else’s problems.

There’s no playbook for this job. Parenting is an on-the-job learning profession.  So many days I’ve gone to pick up children from school believing today was a good day only to learn I was mistaken.  So much of determining the success of my days revolves around the success of their days. What hurts them hurts me. What gives them joy makes my heart leap. If I’m being honest, not everything that brings them joy also makes me happy. I just can’t get to the level of ecstatic my oldest gets when some new dragon is hatched on his DragonVale app. I’m a work-in-progress with the whole technology realm.

I ask our kids to give me their best they’ve got in any situation. I only hope they know I give my parenting the best I have. Some days are just better than others.  I’ve found I enjoy knowing others struggle the same way I do.  I find peace in knowing I’m not the only one who forgot to pay preschool tuition.

I enjoy books and the stories of real people. I love the written word and the many forms it takes. Blogging is an extension of that. I plan on sharing our travels, birthday ideas, books, photos and my random thoughts.

Pacific Ocean beach at Olympic National Park in Washington

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