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Take a Trip — Everything IS Bigger in Texas

All it took was my husband watching a Man vs. Food episode to prove that everything really is bigger in Texas, starting with donuts and pizza. We were in the San Antonio area visiting friends in June of 2012. Instead of just doing the stereotypical tourist stops, SeaWorld, Schlitterbahn and the Alamo, we hit Round Rock Donuts (north of Austin), and Big Lou’s Pizza (eastside San Antonio). Best. Choices. Ever.

donut boxes, Bigger in Texas

cutting donut, Bigger in Texas

I assumed the Round Rock Donuts were going to be a tasteless Texas-sized gimmick. I was wrong, very wrong. There have been countless holidays and birthdays since our visit to Texas when I’ve thought about having one of those delicious, calorie-laden donuts shipped all the way to Wyoming. They do ship. I’ve just magically had enough willpower to stop myself. The donut, which comes in traditional glazed or chocolate-covered, is the most tasty donut I’ve ever eaten. We visited Round Rock at 4 p.m. and didn’t have to wait for our food, which came in shirt boxes. Holy cow…shirt boxes! The six of us split one donut for a “snack” and saved one for breakfast the next day.

donut mess, Bigger in Texas

Our second foodie stop was Big Lou’s Pizza to try a 42-inch pizza. There were 12 of us eager to eat only one giant pizza (spoiler: there were leftovers). We were seated at this ridiculously large table when we ordered. It took over 45 minutes to get the pizza. In my head, I knew 42-inches was going to be an extra extra large pizza, but I wasn’t prepared for just how absurd the thing truly would be.

pizza delivery, Bigger in Texas

It was, quite literally, jaw-dropping. I was, again, skeptical about this monstrosity actually tasting good. The pizza is thin, and that’s not how I like my pizza. I adore thick, carb-loaded crust. Big Lou proved me wrong. It was more than kitsch. The pizza gave the home-cooked vibe, not something that was shipped in pieces and just assembled and cooked in Texas.

eating pizza, Bigger in Texas

Normal dinner plates weren’t going to cut it with pizza slices the length of my forearm. We dished up slices onto baking sheets. Big Lou’s offered a fabulous all-around dining experience. The food was tasty, and the meal was memorable. If you’re looking for unique eateries around the San Antonio/Austin area, both Round Rock Donuts and Big Lou’s Pizza are places we would happily go back to.

42 pizza, Bigger in Texas

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