26 Nov
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Croquet Mallets to Wall Hooks

croquet hooks front view wall hooks

I’d been storing broken croquet mallets for at least two summers. I thought I could use them for some sort of project but couldn’t quite pin an idea down. A few weeks ago, creative lightening struck. I decided to put my 11-year-old Webelo scout to work  to make wall hooks for the bedroom his younger brothers share.

I didn’t follow good DIY etiquette and take photos of the process. I’ll have to do a better job of not just taking photos of the finished projects but the steps along the way. Like a lot of projects at my house which require power tools, I came up with an idea and then turned the implementation of the project over to my husband. Our son used this croquet hooks side view wall hooksproject for his Webelo craftsman activity badge.

He used a piece of extra molding we had which happened to be the perfect length (24 inches) for the wall I wanted the hooks to be on. B and his dad drilled holes into the molding using a spade bit. The croquet handles were cut to four inches in length, not counting the mallet. The fellas then placed the croquet handles into the holes using glue to secure them. They attached a thin piece of backer board with wood glue onto the back of the molding and drilled one screw into each handle from behind.

The mallet heads were also secured with wood glue for extra durability. The wall hooks were top-heavy when completed. B attached them to the wall with screws to ensure stability. I really don’t want croquet mallets falling on to someone’s head when they go to retrieve their hat from the hooks.

Theses hooks are perfect for hanging hats on. The boys also have plenty of room to hang bags, medals and necklaces from the croquet hooks. I noticed the hooks were even being used as storage for a toy bow and quiver. This project was a DIY success.

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