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December 2013 Book List

I’m an avid reader, raising a brood of book lovers. Each month I’ll share what we’re all reading and would love to hear what books you recommend. 

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11-year-old son:

  • Catching Fire — Suzanne Collins
  • The Dragon’s Tooth — N.D. Wilson
  • The Grimm Conclusion: A Companion to A Tale Dark and Grimm — Adam Gidwitz
  • Prisoner 88 — Leah Pileggi

9 and 6-year-old sons (read to them by me):

9-year-old son:

6-year-old son:

4-year-old daughter:

My Thoughts

Yes, I belong to two book clubs. Technically I read the material and attend two book clubs and read the books for another. I told you…avid reader. I’ve already finished both book club reads for this month.

I found Life of Pi tedious and slow in the middle and was unprepared for the ending. I appreciated the symbolism throughout but had a difficult time picturing the scene for most of the book. I imagine I’ll better appreciate the book after we discuss it at book club.

A Monster Calls is somber and heartbreaking, but it’s one of my new favorite books. The writing is innovative and the artwork is captivating. The story weaved by Patrick Ness had me spellbound. I hope people aren’t turned off by the melancholy nature of the book.

I’ve also read my husband’s book for the month. Unsouled is the third book in the Unwind Dystology. I recommend this series quite often for people who like to be provoked by books. The premise of unwinding wayward youth doesn’t seem too far-fetched to me. The questions of what makes a person a person and the meaning of a soul are great fodder for discussion. I look forward to discussing the latest installment in the series with Craig.

Our oldest read The Hunger Games in the spring and has literally been begging to read the second book, Catching Fire, since. The second book in the series is darker in nature and more complex than the first. I’d been putting off B reading the book until I could read it with him. Craig and I saw the film version of Catching Fire, so I’d like to read the book again to compare the two more accurately.

My boys are fond of Greek mythology, thanks to Rick Riordan and his take on the theme. The newest series to grab their attention, Myth-O-Mania, is written by the author of the Dragon Slayers’ Academy series. The Deep Dive series is also written by one of the boys’ favorite authors, Adam Blade. His Beast Quest books rank as some of their most-loved adventure stories. The Deep Dive books haven’t grabbed my attention quite as well as Beast Quest, but the boys were excited to find the newest books in the series at the library. I’m content to read to them what they enjoy.

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