13 Dec
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Snowflakes and the Felt Tree

Today marks the 12th day before Christmas, which in my family means we start an activity countdown. Each day until Christmas there’s a new activity for us to do as a family. Day 12 had us making paper snowflakes. The repetitive nature of making paper snowflakes is calming for me. I have a hard time getting the children to stop. There’s a lot of repeating “just one more.”

paper snowflakes

We added ballerina snowflakes to the mix this year. Our little ballerina loved making them the night before her first recital.

snowflake ballerina

I tend to over-think life, making things harder and messier than they need to be. I will come up with extravagant craft projects requiring three types of glue, glitter, craft foam, paper, pipe cleaners and a vacuum for the clean up. Routinely my children teach me bigger doesn’t mean better or more enjoyable. Scissors and paper. That’s what made them happy. Helpful crafting hint: we use coffee filters for our snowflakes. They’re already round, ready for folding, and thin, making it easier to cut through multiple layers.

snowflake cutting

I enjoy experimenting with different shapes and cutting techniques. When you start to unfold the snowflake, it’s like a present under a tree. You don’t know quite what you’ll find. Instead of turning them into a garland in our kitchen/dining room, we hung them from the ceiling in the basement. It looks like a whimsical, frozen blizzard. The ballerinas went into our little dancer’s room, and she opted for colored paper, not coffee filters.

felt Christmas tree

We also added a simple felt tree to our decorations. The simplicity makes me happy. I’m sure there will be many moments of rearranging the felt lights and ornaments. I was inspired by Ashley at Little Miss Momma, but if you do a search for “felt Christmas tree,” you’ll find more ideas. Trust me…..there’s a LOT of felt Christmas out there.

felt Christmas presents

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