19 Dec
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Hot Chocolate on a Stick

wrapped hot chocolate on a stick

The idea and recipes behind hot chocolate on a stick are not mine. I came upon them and had to make them for someone. The someone turned out to be by husband’s co-workers. Making homemade marshmallows made me feel quite domestic. It also cost me my KitchenAid hand mixer. The recipe calls for using a stand mixer. Trust me, use the stand mixer. It’ll save you smoke billowing from your hand mixer.

hot chocolate cubes

The treat is a truffle-like rich chocolate cube stacked with a marshmallow on a stick. The whole treat gets placed in a steaming hot cup of 8-10 oz. of milk for a decadent hot chocolate treat. Both items are homemade, but by no means good for you.

cut marshmallows - hot chocolate on a stick

If your only experience with marshmallows are the packaged ones from the store, you’re missing out. Homemade marshmallows are tender, creamy and decadent. Seriously, you should make these. Steamy, hot milk mixed with real chocolate, not some powdered product calling itself chocolate, is also the way to go for those cold winter nights.

Both of these recipes are a little time consuming, but not difficult by any means. Both have to sit, ideally, overnight, so plan ahead.

The cocoa blocks recipe can be found at King Arthur Flour. For the three cups of chocolate I used a mix of semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips.

group of hot chocolate on a stick

The idea for stacking the marshmallows with the cocoa blocks to get Hot Chocolate on a Stick is from make and takes blog. It’s ingenious. I also used the marshmallow recipe from make and takes. Sometimes I wonder what I ever did without the Internet.

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  • Oh my! This looks heavenly. I need to do this!

    • I can’t say enough good things about these marshmallows!