26 Dec
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Day After Christmas

I feel bad for the day after Christmas. It just seems so ordinary.

Yesterday was spent in the bliss of my family spending the entire day at home. We ate our Christmas feast when we felt like it. There was no hurry to prepare waiting for relatives to appear. It was just us. It’s a blessing to have the ones I love most all to myself, but I always end the day melancholy that the house wasn’t more full of people. My village is sometimes a lonely place, especially during the holidays.

Playmobil building Day After Christmas

My kiddos aren’t early Christmas risers. Somewhere along the line, they developed the idea presents will disappear if you dare to look at the tree before 7 a.m. I didn’t place this thought in their heads, but it works for me. Most Christmas mornings I’m awake in bed wishing someone would stir and open a bedroom door. As soon as I hear the pitter patter of feet making their way to the living room, I pretend to be sleep. Minutes later, the pitter patter turns into a scurry as four excited little people make their way to our room to wake us. I love the excited whispers and pleading for us to get out of bed. It’s my favorite morning.

We take turns opening presents. Each person and present gets everyone’s attention. I wrote about our three present rule. We slow down and relish the gifts we’re given. There are always LEGOs under our tree. This year there were 4,544 individual LEGOs hidden in boxes. Today has been filled with two boys working almost non-stop to build their cherished sets. Our oldest received a cell phone from us. A much desired gift, and one he didn’t expect. His face was priceless when he opened it, and I can still feel the bone-crushing hug he gave me as a thank you.  I watched our daughter dress her Barbies in clothes she received, clothes I had played with as a little girl. Instead of gifts for each other, my husband and I splurged on a flat-screen TV, a giant monster of a screen. The kids are happy to not be the only people in their collective circles without a flat screen, but I still don’t know how I feel about it. More on the cell phone and TV in a later post.

LEGO building Day After Christmas

We enjoyed our traditional Wolferman’s Signature English muffins for breakfast. They’re the best English muffins I’ve ever tasted. Chocolate chip is my personal favorite. We ship them in for every Christmas. This year they didn’t arrive until Christmas Eve. I won’t lie. I was a little panicked and felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulder when I saw that box sitting on our step after Christmas Eve church services. Crisis averted.

Today my husband had to work. It feels just like another day. We still had cleaning up to do after the Christmas explosion. The kids are happy to play together with their new gadgets and toys. No one argued with sitting down for reading time. There are plenty of new books to choose from. Today is without any hype. Today is peaceful. Today I’m content. Today I’m enjoying the ordinary.

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