31 Dec
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Do Over

Hot air balloon during a Wyoming winter

Today is a do over.

Yesterday was not one of my best performances as a mother, also not my worst. By the afternoon, I was ready for the day to be over. Everyone was ready for a do over.

Nothing horrible happened. I was tired. All four kids had forgotten how to listen or respect each other. I was sarcastic (more than normal) and short-tempered. The kids were breaking the simplest of rules. They were picking at each other. I was yelling. It all resulted in them doing forced labor as penance while I fumed. Not a good day.

Today is different. We’ll end 2013 on a good note. Everyone is trying a little harder today to play nice and take a breath before saying something they’ll regret (that one is for me). I’ve apologized for my reaction to their humanness. That’s all it was. Five people all having a bad day at the same time. It was the perfect storm.

I’m thankful I have the chance to shake off the yucky feeling a lackluster performance leaves in its wake and do it over better today.

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