3 Jan
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Much Needed Christmas Break

I had a list of activities for Christmas break and days we could do them. There were places I thought we should go….paint pottery, swim, museum trips, movie theater, etc. The factor I didn’t consider was the kids might not want to do those things. The kids might actually be content to stay at home. What the kids needed was a break from the bustle of life.

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They allowed me to take them to The Science Zone and to see Frozen at the theater, but they were most happy during Christmas break in their pajamas hanging out at home. As grateful as I was for the break in our schedule, a release from having to get people to places they needed to be, checking homework and making sure lunches were made, the kids were even more grateful. The boys are away from the house during the workday. They want to be reunited with their games and the joy of playing with each other. It is mostly joy, with a handful of bickering, a dash of rowdy and a smattering of backtalk. Little sis is ecstatic to have her favorite playmates around, even if they are ignoring her 100th mock ballet recital while they try to finish their game of Trouble.

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Dr. Seuss was right, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” As an adult, the highly-scheduled life I lead, isn’t much different from the lives of my school-aged children. Their days are structured and ordered for them. These breaks in the school year are for them to shake the confines of rigor. They just want wiggle room and space to do as they want. The kids and I are helped by the opportunity to abandon our schedules and relax. Monday marks going back to the grind of life. The Christmas break will be a fleeting memory in one week’s time.

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I felt like I wasn’t giving them enough over Christmas break by mostly staying home. I felt like I was failing them in some way by not taking us from activity A to place B and out to lunch. I felt that way until I sat down and talked to them about the reality of their break. This is what they wanted. They wanted to be left to their own devices. They just wanted freedom from a schedule as much as I did. I told them last night to choose anything they wanted to do today, emphasis on anything. The boys just wanted uninterrupted video game time together on the Wii. Screen time is a rarity at our home. Our daughter this morning asked if she could change clothes as many times as she wanted. Such simple requests. Maybe in the new year I’ll stop making this life of mine more complicated than needed.

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