17 Jan
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Organizing Our DVD Collection

Our movie collection was an organizational nightmare for me. When we travel, the kids would have to search through all the movies to find the specific few they wanted to take on our road trips. DVD cases would be scattered willy-nilly while they rummaged through them. What I needed was a way of organizing our DVD and Blu-ray collection while using a lot less space.

I searched numerous stores and websites for the perfect organizational system. I wanted to recoup some of our space we were using for DVD storage while still keeping the liner notes from the DVDs. I also wanted to easily be able to add more DVDs to our collection. After weeks of searching, I settled on the Artisan DVD Album which holds 240 discs.

One album can replace this many DVD cases

I was cautiously optimistic this album would work for us but was surprised at what actually fit into it. All those DVD cases are now gone, and all the content is in one album. The inside consists of three separate three-ring binder clasps. I think it might be awkward to remove sleeves and move them to another part of the binder, but I haven’t had to do that yet. The pages are easy to flip through, and it zips together nicely. It fits all the criteria I was hoping to meet.

Open album with cases that will be discarded

I began by sorting our DVDs into categories (Disney, DreamWorks, Barbie, animal, action/adventure, etc.). On one side of each page are sleeves for two DVDs and liner notes. Not all of our movies have more than one disc. Instead of leaving multiple slots open, I doubled up some pages. I have liner notes for two movies and two different movie discs on one page. {I hope that makes sense.}

Album open with pages holding 2-disc sets

We store our movies in a storage ottoman consisting of four storage areas. Previously, the movies took three of the compartments and were getting ready to overflow. Now the binder fits in one cube. I ran out of room with just the one album and still have a few more movies to organize. I plan on buying one more album for organizing those and future DVDs and Blu-rays we’ll buy. This project was somewhat time consuming mainly because of the sorting and dismantling the DVD cases, but perfectly cleared up a cluttered area of our house.

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