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Life Lessons from the Super Bowl

We live in Denver Broncos country. The Super Bowl this year is all anyone wanted to talk about. Blue and orange were everywhere you turned. The hype was incredible. That’s why the fall was so humbling.

The Broncos lost to the Seattle Seahawks, 43-8. I’ve spent my entire life in Wyoming. You were assured of almostone thing every week from August until December…the Broncos would be on TV. There are no other close NFL teams. The majority of people root for Denver or at least have a working knowledge of the team. My family is not made entirely of Broncos supporters. My oldest is a Patriots fan. He wore grey to the Super Bowl party we attended. He said he was in mourning because his team wasn’t playing. Our younger boys are Broncos fans, especially our 6-year-old. My husband, a lukewarm 49ers fan, sported Seattle colors to antagonize his children. Our daughter just enjoys cheerleading and is happy to cheer for whoever has the ball. I wanted Denver to win, but describe myself as a fan of the game, not really a diehard team supporter.

The mood at the house we were at was one of disbelief from the kickoff. Nothing was working for Denver, and Seattle just seemed like they wanted the win more. The game wasn’t great, and the commercials were lackluster. Thank heaven for Bruno Mars and the halftime show.

football yardage

I feared a couple of our kiddos would be really upset about the loss. It soon became apparent we’ve done a good job of teaching our children how to lose gracefully. Losing teaches you more than winning ever will. Sunday was full of life lessons from the Super Bowl.

  1. Don’t assume anything. — You might be the best at what you do. You might be favored to excel. But…you won’t always be at the top of your game. Life is not a perfect script. Never go into anything assuming it will turn out the way you planned or the way someone else has led you to believe. You have to put in the work ALL the time if you want the outcome you desire.
  2. No one person can carry a team. — You have to work together…on a team, in a relationship, in class, in band, in Scouts, in dance, as part of your family. Working well with others is one of the top life skills I hope for my children to master.
  3. It’s just a game. — Or it’s just a test, it’s just a concert, it’s just a recital. There will be times when life seems over because of one occasion. It won’t be. Learn to roll with that. Have your moment of disappointment gracefully, but know how to walk through it.
  4. Never quit. — You might be struggling. There might be someone too far ahead for you to catch up. Push as hard as you can no matter what. Do your best on any given day. Some days your best is better than other days. Keep on doing what you can.
  5. Love what you do. — Don’t do something because of the awards, accolades, honors and trophies. All of those things are nice, but they don’t define who you are. They’re just things to collect. Do what makes your soul sing. Do that thing that makes you truly feel like you, even if no one ever rewards you for doing it.
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1 Comment

  • Shannon–I love your blog, I love YOU more, but I so enjoy reading what you write. It kind of brings my Amber closer to home. Thanks for sharing your life lessons and your life with me.