10 Feb
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You’ve Watched the Olympics too Much When….

Disclaimer: I honestly don’t think I could ever watch too much coverage of the Olympics. I’m impressed with what people can train themselves to do. However, there is a chance my children may have watched the Olympics too much this weekend.

Olympics bobsledding

My first clue was watching my youngest boys cram themselves into a smallish cardboard box to bobsled through the kitchen. They used what little momentum they could get from shifting their weight to move across the floor…scritch, scratch, scritch. Clue #2 was their sister wondering why none of her ballet leotards have sequins, and watching as she jumps off a step trying to land a triple toe loop jump. Clue #3 is boys donning socks, striking a convincing start position and speed skating around my kitchen island. Toy Nerf rifles are now strapped to backs for a ski race through the house followed by target practice. Seriously, someone is going to get hurt, and it’s not just the athletes in Sochi.

We’ve caught ourselves arguing over rules of sports we only watch every four years. We’ll talk about deductions for hands placed on the ground, wobbly landings and slow starts. One of the boys broke a house rule tonight, and our 1st grader said the punishment was four penalty laps…too much biathlon watching. Our youngest boys share a bedroom. They whispered to each other the last two nights about playing “Olympics” the next day. This coming from a family that doesn’t even take part in any winter sports.

Olympics biathlon shooting

In reality, the Olympics are the catalyst and background noise for my children’s new favorite imaginative play. There’s not so much sitting and watching the television as acting out their own Olympic dreams. My hope is they’ll never hear of USA luger Tucker West whose dad built him a wooden luge track in his backyard when he was growing up. Once that idea was planted, I doubt I’d ever hear the end of it. Who am I kidding? I can’t wait to tell them about that dad. Good thing our backyard isn’t nearly big enough for a luge track.

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