14 Feb
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Showing My Children Love

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Occasionally, I’ll ask our children what they do and don’t like about different things. It’s my way of evaluating my performance. Topics range from things in the house they would change, best/worst parts of road trips, foods to eat more or less of, ways to spend our days, etc. Each time I’m surprised by their answers. My personality leans toward making life more complicated than it needs to be. Discussing life with my kiddos has always shown it’s the simple things that matter most.

Love was our topic yesterday. Instead of assuming I was treating them the best way possible, I wanted them to tell me the best way for us to show them love. We tell them all the time, but our actions are what drive home the meaning behind the words. I wanted to know my actions were showing them they are loved.

The list included things I knew they would say. Playing video games at all is a treat in our house. Playing video games two days in a row fills their love tanks to over-flowing. A great portion of the list doesn’t deal with us giving them things but our time. I’m reminded, once again, how carving out chunks of time in my day for them is the greatest gift I could give them. Thanks to our school district, I have my most special valentines at home today. I won’t be crossing items off a to-do list today. Today my focus is on filling love tanks. Happy Valentine’s Day!

What Love is to My Children

vacations * gas stations slushies * being read to * clean clothes

pancakes with whipped topping * fancy hair braids
watching games/performances * driving to activities * taking photos 

looking at LEGO creations * picnics
playing board/card games * video games two days in a row * baking together * doing crafts * hanging art work
hugs in front of the school * being tucked in at bedtime

decorating for birthdays/holidays * family movie nights


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