17 Mar
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Peace in Disconnecting

Sunset in Joshua Tree National Park

Disconnecting from my everyday routine is a driving force in my love of travel. I thrive on no appointments, no Internet, no computer, no phone…disconnecting from the rigors of daily life helps me to center myself when I feel like I’m unraveling.

I don’t own a smart phone. I have a smartish TracFone. I know I’m able to connect to the Internet if I need to, but I’ve never actually attempted to do it. As soon as we back out of the driveway heading on an adventure, I turn off my phone. The phone is on once or twice a day to check for messages. Honestly, most of the places we travel to, cell service is spotty at best. I wonder if I owned a smarter phone if I’d rely on it more, but I doubt it. I feel pulled in enough directions by living things that I don’t have time to commit to an object.

Setting Sun in Mojave National Preserve

We just returned from a six-day spring break trip to California. It was a much needed reprieve from my never-ending to-do list. We hadn’t left town for quite a few weeks…months really. That’s unheard of for my family. We like to travel, even if only for a weekend. I was feeling overwhelmed, drowning in the needs of others and struggling with feelings of inadequacy. I’m constantly evaluating who and what is consuming my time. Four children is a balancing act. Have you watched a performer spinning multiple plates while balancing them on sticks? I’m pretty sure I could give that guy a run for his money, except I feel like my plates are on the verge of crashing to the floor.

Road to Barstow, California

Feeling as if everything is near collapse is when I know I need to disconnect. I thrive on face-to-face interactions, which just isn’t possible with a screen within arms reach. Six days away from work, phone, Internet, household chores and meetings realigned my wandering priorities. Vacation was a deep breath, a step back for me to reassure myself that all was under control.

Sunset in Death Valley National Park

I’ll be sharing our vacation destinations over the next few days: Mojave National Preserve, Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley National Park and Las Vegas.



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