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Family-Friendly April Fools’ Day Pranks

I like to keep my kiddos on their toes. There’s something exciting about finding the unexpected in your daily routine. April Fools’ Day allows me to be creative and wacky with surprises for my family. We stress the importance of not being mean with our tricks and pranks. The goal is not to embarrass or hurt anyone. Everything is done for a pure silliness factor. After six years of pranks, my kids know something will happen on April 1.

Stitched-together Underwear - April Fools Day Family-Friendly Pranks

The first year I started doing April Fools’ Day tricks, I sewed the boys underwear together. I sewed one stitch at the waistband of a pile of underwear until they were in a long string. I folded them on top of each other and put them back in the drawers while the boys slept. The boys were nothing but giggles when they attempted to get dressed on April Fools’ Day.

String of Cereal - April Fools Day Family-Friendly Pranks

Food is an easy medium for April Fools’ Day mischief. I surprised the kids with a sugary cereal for breakfast, a rare indulgence for them. They discovered the cereal loops strung together on a long string.

Incredible Shrinking Donuts - April Fools Day Family-Friendly Pranks

Another April Fools’ Day, I bought a box of donuts and hid the donuts, leaving the box grease-stained and empty. I “filled” the box with six Cheerios glazed with a powdered sugar/milk mixture and sprinkles. The kids were excited for donuts, only to find shrunken goodies.

Marshmallow Eggs - April Fools Day Family-Friendly Pranks

I melted marshmallows into a white puddle a few years ago and topped each puddle with an apricot half. It completely fooled the boys. They weren’t big egg fans then and complained mightily when I put the plates of “over-easy eggs” in front of them. Eventually they caved, tried their “eggs” and realized marshmallows for breakfast wasn’t so bad.

The Foods Have Eyes - April Fools Day Family-Friendly Pranks

Last year, I painstakingly took wiggly eyes and glued them to the items in our refrigerator. I couldn’t help but smile each time I opened the refrigerator and found dozens of eyes staring back. That’s one way to put a smile on people’s face. The food just looked happy to see us.

There have been other April Fools’ Day tricks:

  • carefully opened, emptied and refilled a box of Chocolate Chex cereal with plain Chex
  • a raisin stuck in the toothpaste tube
  • meatloaf “cupcakes” with mashed potato “frosting”
  • an apple with a hole whittled out and filled with a gummy worm
  • a bag of chips carefully opened, emptied, refilled with carrot coins and sealed shut

Each year it’s a little more difficult to brainstorm unique, kid-friendly April Fools Day tricks, but I have a couple amusing new antics planned for next week. What kid-friendly pranks have you done?

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