1 Apr
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Milestone: If the Shoe Fits…

A perfect fit for both of us...

We reached yet another milestone at our house. I tried on my 11-year-old’s shoe yesterday, and it fit.

I slid the new loafer on not really thinking it would fit. It looked big, much too big to fit my kid’s foot. It was a perfect fit for both of us. I was unprepared for that moment. I know several other mom’s who have 5th grade boys who wear the same size shoe. I, however, wear a size 11 in women’s. My 5th grader wears a mens size 9. My husband wore a 9 1/2 as a freshman in high school. Our oldest isn’t even close to turning 12 and wears the same size shoe as his 6’1″ mama. I hardly have any girlfriends I can share shoes with, now I can share with my 5th grader. Seriously?

I’m tall. My husband is 6’6″. We knew from the start that our children would most likely be taller than average. Countless times I’ve heard people comment on the height of my children followed with “you’re both tall.” Everyone seems to understand my kids will be tall. Even though I know a day will come when one of the four, maybe all four, children I gave birth to may be taller than me, I’m not prepared for the emotions that go with that.

One day I may find myself looking up to these children I’ve seemingly forever been crouching down to care for. One day, sooner rather than later it seems, the tide will change. I’ll find myself asking B to reach items for me. I see teenage boys and wonder what my tween will look like in a few short years. It’s hard to imagine the slightly chubby cheeks giving way to a defined jaw and shoulders broadening. One day I’ll give hugs only to find the recipient enveloping me.

I chuckled when we realized B was taller than both grandmas. The idea of him taller than me doesn’t seem as cute. It’s easy for me to think of the kids as little if they’re smaller than I am. Somehow this makes me feel like they’re not aging if they’re shorter than I am. I know I sound crazy, but kids growing exponentially each year leaves me weepy for cradling little hands in my gigantic paw. I’m simultaneously in awe at the people they’re becoming and angered that they dare become their own person.

I had lunch at school today with my boys. I listened as B told his friends how I can fit in his shoes, proudly proclaiming he wears a size 9. While this milestone took me by surprise, it was a giant leap in growth for my son. He leaned in while eating his PB&J and said we should just buy lots of tennis shoes and share….until his shoes are too big for me.

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