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DIY: Scout Merit Badges Specimen Art

Formerly a Cookie Cutter Shadow Box...

I wanted to change the shadow boxes hanging in my kitchen from cookie cutters to a specimen art piece for months. I stared at the four frames hoping for inspiration but came up with nothing. Enter the Internet, specifically Pinterest.

...and now Boy Scout Merit Badges Specimen Art

Young House Love posted about a Christmas present Sherry created for John of copies of Boy Scout merit badges hung as specimen art in a frame. The badges were chosen by Sherry because they remind her of John. I’m a sucker for handmade gifts, especially ones full of meaning. That present was my inspiration for the change I needed in our kitchen.

Boy Scout Merit Badges on Sash

In our basement we have a couple of boxes of memorabilia from Craig’s Boy Scout days as a youth. The items symbolized time and work Craig had put into Scouting during his teenage years. Now the stuff just sits in boxes. I decided the merit badges deserved to be resurrected from the storage area. I asked him first, just in case he rather the badges stay sewed on his sash, before cutting the Boy Scout merit badges from the olive green sash that was just folded in a shoe box.

Boy Scout Merit Badges Specimen Art

I kept the badges in the order Craig (or his mom) had sewed them on his sash so many years ago, as this was the order in which they were earned. The badges are attached to the lightly padded back of the shadow boxes with basic sewing pins. The frames I bought years ago at Hobby Lobby. The final project serves as a reminder for our boys of the connection they share with their dad through Scouting. I love that a part of Craig’s past found a place in his present.

Shadow Box Specimen Art Collection

I had four frames, and the Boy Scout merit badges only used two frames. I wandered around the house looking for inspiration for more specimen art. One frame I filled with Junior Ranger badges our children have collected from various National Park Service entities. Traveling is a big part of our family. It’s a nice reminder of places we’ve visited. The fourth frame I filled with vintage playing cards from a 1960s Clue board game I had bought at a thrift store. The board is hanging in our basement as art. The rest of the game was sitting in the storage area. Displaying the cards as specimen art combined our love of family game night with my love of thrift stores.

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1 Comment

  • This is a cute, kitschy way of reinventing a use for merit badges! I might just have to dig mine out. Thanks for sharing!