21 Apr
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Be THAT Mom…Whoever She Is

Bunny eggs, THAT mom

I’m THAT mom.

On Easter morning, I fixed my kiddos eggs and bacon that looked like a bunny. Surprisingly, my intention wasn’t to make anyone feel like less of a mom than me or to elevate myself to ‘Supermom’ status. I had eggs and bacon and saw a photo on social media of the above mentioned bunny. It took seconds to change the breakfast I was already intending into a memory for my children. Do I think less of the mom who served bacon and eggs simply on a plate or cereal in a bowl? Nope, it’s not a competition. I’m sure she has made memories in her own unique mothering ways.

I’m tired of judgement in motherhood. I abhor that we can’t just leave each other alone. Mothers should lift each others’ unique abilities up instead of belittling each other. I don’t want to live in a world where all of the children are raised in the exact same way. I want to surround myself with women who can stand in the gaps of my unique parenting style.

I like to sew. I like to bake and cook. I like crafts and messes. I like the outdoors. I like music playing all the time. I like books. I like museums. I like field trips.

I don’t like to shop. I don’t want a pet. I don’t play video games. I have yet to successfully grow anything in a garden. I don’t want to be part of every parenting organization or fundraiser.

I know women who help me in those areas I don’t enjoy. I have friends who gift my daughter with clothes and shoes because they know it’s not a priority for me. I have loads of friends with pets who allow my children to dote on their animals. There are other moms better suited for attending and running fundraisers.

I’m grateful for the mothers different from me. Working together we can gift our children with a multitude of ways to grow and develop as people. We can show them there isn’t just one way to do anything. We can show our children how great unique can be.

Judging each other, making snide comments and belittling each other shows our children that parts of their personalities might be bad or wrong. Through the years, this is what I’ve heard or seen — It’s not all right to be creative. Music isn’t important. Electronics are bad. Everyone has to play sports. All clothes should be new. Themed birthday cakes are a waste of time. Seriously…just STOP. The proclamations of ‘this is too little’ or ‘that’s too much’ only cause a rift between mothers. Our children are much better served by mothers who can be nice to each other or at the very least, keep their comments to themselves.

Be THAT mom, whoever she may be!

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