22 Apr
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Repurposed Windows for Decorating

I have quite a few repurposed windows as decorations in our home. I’m frugal and crafty which fuels my need to repurpose items.

My first grader told me last week our house was decorated in “clean junk.” I was quick to give a vocabulary lesson. Not junk, but repurposed items. I write this as I stare at the weathered, vintage drawer front we found on an old homestead months ago. I’ve finally decided where to hang it. Sitting on my kitchen floor, it appears like junk, but it’s about to be repurposed as art. If only I could figure out how to hang it. Hmmm.

Repurposed Window as a Photo Frame

My parents replaced the windows in my childhood home a few years ago. I salvaged three windows from the bedroom I grew up in. The house was built in the 1940s, so I wasn’t sure about the type of paint layered on the window frames. I chose to paint over what was existing; thankfully nothing was peeling off the windows. I distressed two of the windows with black paint and hung them in our dining room. I use the repurposed windows for rotating my current favorite 4×6 snapshots.

Repurposed Window as a Display Board

The third frame from my parents’ home I made into a display board for my daughter. I painted the frame with several pastel colors to coordinate with her lavender bedroom. I chose to remove the window hardware but left the holes unfilled. No wonder my son calls it “clean junk.” I zigzagged ribbon across the window and attached it at intervals with decorative furniture tacks. I bought miniature clamps to secure items she wants to display. All three windows are hung with heavy gauge wire.

Repurposed Large Window as a Family Photo Frame

I have no history with this large window, also hanging in my dining room. I saw it in a local store and had to have it. The window has been repurposed to frame our most recent family photo. I found a vintage map of our town a few months ago and attached it to the back of the glass. It’s now the matte for our family photo.

Repurposed Window as a Pseudo Mirror Frame

The large round mirror in our front room was also a must-buy, even though I had no idea where it would live in our home. It’s ridiculously heavy, even for a mirror and from a long-gone hotel. The mirror has a few blemishes and is slightly distorted. That’s what makes it charming. I didn’t want to hang it alone, so a local shopkeeper helped me with this layout. This is the only window I’ve used in decorating that no longer has its glass. I think the layering makes it more interesting.

It’s probably a good thing I don’t have more wall space. I have a difficult time walking away from vintage windows. I’ve managed to incorporate shutters into our decorating and someday I’ll add a vintage door. Somewhere my husband is just shaking his head.

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