24 Apr
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Just a Lost Baby Tooth

Tooth Fairy Reward for the Last Baby Tooth

It was just a baby tooth, but it was his LAST baby tooth. It became another reminder that I can be emotional over just about everything.

Our 5th grader came bounding out of school with a big smile on his face yesterday. I asked how his day was, and he answered by pulling the side of his mouth open to show me the gaping hole where his last baby tooth had been hours earlier. A wave of sadness swept over me. I felt sucker-punched by this completely irrational emotional response I was having to a lost tooth.

B was ecstatic. He actually looked at me with a huge smile on his face and had the nerve to say, “One more step to being a teenager.” I must have looked stricken. He quickly gave me a hug.

My heart is soft, and my emotions are almost uncontrollable at times. Try as I may to not become weepy at every turn, the tears still well in my eyes. Who gets teary-eyed watching her son play “Ice, Ice Baby” during a band concert? This lady did. I’m just completely in awe of these people I gave birth to who are capable of doing so many things.

Up until yesterday, the last baby tooth had only been an obstacle in the journey to put orthodontic braces on B. I hadn’t thought of that tooth as the door closing on yet another part of childhood for my eldest. He’s one more step closer to being a teenager and most definitely more young man than boy.

One Missing Baby Tooth

His first baby tooth popped out right before the start of kindergarten. It went missing during snack time at Sunday School, never to be seen again. In the almost six years between first and last tooth, I’ve watched that squishy cheeked little boy who couldn’t match clothes morph into an Under Armour wearing tween who swaggers everywhere he goes.

It’s a good thing my family loves my mushy, weepy, sentimental side, or at least tolerates it. I see many more weepy mommy moments in my future. There is another band concert in a couple of weeks and heaven help me, 5th grade graduation.

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