28 Apr
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Photo Shoot Jitters Proven Unnecessary

Live Well Wyoming Photo Spread Photo Shoot

Our local state-wide newspaper runs a health and lifestyle magazine insert a few times a year, Live Well Wyoming. An article was being written about bloggers in my state. I was asked if my family would be willing to have some photos taken to accompany the article. I said yes, hung up the phone and immediately regretted my agreement.

There were so many uncontrollable variables, namely my children. They are people prone to bad days, illness, poor listening and questionable manners. I knew my “yes” had doomed me to having at least one child with an off-day for the photo shoot and most likely all four. I’d worked in the newspaper industry in another life as a writer. Being the subject of a photo shoot was something new for me. My kids are adventurous by nature and looked forward to the mysteries of a photo shoot.

The photographer was scheduled to arrive shortly after the boys would be home from school. I decided picking up any wayward toys and vacuuming were all the chores I would do. As soon as I vacuumed our front room, I wished I hadn’t. I found myself walking over the fresh vacuum lines so the house wouldn’t look like it was cleaned. One room was the extent of my cleaning. The boys are a tornado when they arrive home from school strewing papers, backpacks, artwork and shoes everywhere. The house definitely looks lived in after 3:35 p.m.

I knew the magazine editor wanted photos that gave a glimpse into the chaos of a family of six. I knew they would be staged, but I wasn’t clear on specifics. My only other preparations were to wear something other than yoga pants and actually blow dry my hair. That’s fancy for a Wednesday.

No kids were sick or ill-mannered for the photo shoot. They were amicable and followed directions. They made me look good.

The photographer had the kids choose something they might want to do or show me. I set-up my “office” on the dining room table and let the kids try their best to distract me. I couldn’t keep a straight-face. The kids were seriously in my business. I kept thinking, “This is exactly why I don’t write when the children are present or awake.”

By the end of the photo shoot, the kids were showing the photographer their LEGOs, and after hearing he was relatively new to Wyoming I was trying to plan a Yellowstone National Park trip for him. Our little one still asks when he’s coming back.

The magazine was in Saturday’s newspaper. I’m glad I said yes. The photo captures a part of motherhood that doesn’t seem enjoyable in the moment; everyone needing something at the same time. I know there will be a time when I’ll miss those four little people needing me. I’m grateful saying “yes” gave me that frozen moment.

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