30 Apr
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Preparing for Summer in the Snow

summer planning in the snow

Snow has its time during the year when I actually enjoy the sight of it. That time is not April 30.

I’m not new to Wyoming. I’m aware that history has proven snow will fall in April and May. I know those days in spring of high 60 degree temperatures and sunny skies will most likely be followed by a few cold, blustery snow-filled days. I’m not surprised by the flurries, gray skies and cold temperatures from the last couple of days, but I don’t have to like them.

In an effort to revolt against the winter that has most definitely overstayed its welcome, my family compiled a list of things we’d like to do, see or visit this summer. We make a list every year which runs the gamut from easy tasks like making s’mores or visiting local museums to long road trips like this year’s trek to Glacier National Park and St. Louis.

planning for summer in the snow

We compiled our list at dinner, going around the table so each person could have his or her say. I’ll wait at least a week before printing the list. I like to give us a few days to change or add more items if needed before printing it. I’ll hang the printed list in our kitchen. We’ll cross items off the list as the summer progresses. Inevitably, we’ll hit the month of August and find ourselves planning excursions just so we can cross everything off.

I enjoy looking at the list before summer begins. It stands for the many good times we’ll enjoy in the months ahead. Do you have things you’re looking forward to crossing off your summer list?

Here’s a look at our planned summer activities:


Braille Trail * Branding * Swim lessons * Edness K. Wilkins State Park * Glacier National Park * St. Louis * Stay somewhere unique * Gateway Arch * Sandy Beach * Dinosaur Trail * Glendo State Park * Bike riding * Bighorn Mountains Cabin * VBS * Key Camp * Colorado Rockies game * Soccer camp *Host a Challenger Soccer coach * Devil’s Tower National Monument* Seminoe State Park * Bear River State Park * Fossil Butte National Monument * Water balloons * Ice blocking * Drive-in movie * S’mores * Museum passport * NIC Fest * County fair parade * Douglas Water Park * Ice skating * Roller skating * Rugby game * Pan flute lessons * Green Mountain camping * Mountain bike racing * Crimson Dawn * Scorpion hunting * Homemade ice cream * Fossilized shark teeth hunting * Geocaching * Sprinklers * Ayers Natural Bridge * Backyard pool * Chinese kite flying * Launch rockets * Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area * Bliss Yogurt * St. Louis Science Center * St. Louis Zoo * Lincoln Historic Home * Summer movies * Library reading program * Fort Bridger State Historic Site * Dine at Arctic Circle

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