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Apologizing for Morning Madness

Apologizing for Morning Madness

We’re a well-oiled machine on school mornings, most of the time, but when our mornings go wrong, we commit 100% to everything and everyone unraveling. If our level of commitment to utterly falling apart could be put toward good, my family might just be able to find the solution to world peace.

Yesterday morning was child-rearing torture. My children had obviously never been to school before. No one was aware of what was expected of them on a Wednesday morning. I may have stomped around my kitchen mumbling helpful things like “We’re eight months into the school year, why should you know you need backpacks for school?” and “Why in the world would I ever ask you to brush your teeth after breakfast?” In retrospect, I may not have been on the top of my mothering game. I am not above apologizing to my children, so it’s time to clear my conscience.

Dear Children,

I apologize for yesterday’s morning disaster. It’s clear all of us had slept poorly, woke up on the wrong side of the bed and/or are in some sort of hormonal imbalance. I should have tried harder to help us regain some semblance of happiness. Even adults make mistakes and handle things poorly. I’m glad we were able to regroup in the afternoon in a much better collective mood.Here are my thoughts on yesterday:

  1. I’m tired. I know you’re shocked to hear this. Honestly I don’t know the last time I heard any mother say she feels rested. I will attempt to get more sleep, but make no promises.
  2. I really do appreciate it when you listen to what I say. When I tell a 4-year-old not to carry the flour container with one hand, you should trust I know what I’m talking about. No one likes to clean five pounds of flour off the floor at 7:15 a.m.
  3. When you are told to walk around the five pounds of spilled flour, that’s not code to jump over the spill. You will inevitably not make the jump, and I will have spilled flour and a child to clean up at 7:17 a.m. Listening is important.
  4. I haven’t had coffee in three days which I thought I could handle. It appears I cannot. For the sake of peace in the house, coffee will be making an appearance at breakfast again.
  5. I don’t mind the snow and cold during winter, but cold and snow in late April are contributing to my grouchiness. The weekend and hopefully warmer temperatures are almost here.
  6. I seem to be crumbling under the pressure of end-of-the-year activities and the number of items written on our calendar. My blood pressure rises each time I look at our calendar. I shouldn’t look at in first thing in the morning or before coffee.
  7. I realize it is not helpful for me to stand at the kitchen island watching you scramble for shoes and jackets while I shake my head muttering, “Wow, just wow.”

The positive take-away is we rarely have mornings like yesterday. Each of us has seemingly forgiven one another for the myriad of poor choices and bad behaviors that infested our home. I’ve written the entire episode off as teaching you life skills. One day your roommates will thank me for your ability to carry containers with two hands and not talk to people before they’ve had coffee in the morning.



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  • Sooooo true. What in the world made you decide to give up coffee in May? Must have been temporary insanity. The time to give up coffee is in JUNE!!! Smile!

    • I blame giving coffee up on having too many healthy living feeds on my Facebook page 🙂 Coffee and I are back together. I agree, June is a much better month for foregoing coffee or at least switching to iced coffee.