5 May
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Finally, Signs of Spring

It finally happened. This weekend, signs of spring were abundant from motorcycles to runners to the sound of lawn mowers and children playing.

The yard has been mowed, more accurately, just the front yard. The backyard is a wasteland of grass desperately trying to grow and striving to live among the wild animal children who relentlessly stomp it down.

Signs of Spring - Dandelion Bouquet

The flower beds were weeded, again mainly in the front yard. The wasteland didn’t receive as much attention as the front. The children were high on sunshine and bouncing off the fences. It’s impossible to be productive surrounded by that much happy energy.

Another sign of spring settling in is our lack of routine. We no longer eat meals at our normal times. Lunch today was at 2 p.m. Don’t even ask about bedtime. I’ll struggle with forcing the day to wind down for the last few weeks of school. I forget how to tell time when the deck is begging for a family dessert tea party.

Signs of Spring - Bandaged Knees

Today I doctored two scraped palms, two scraped knees and one mangled elbow on two different children. A sure sign of spring settling in is the increased use of bandages.

Signs of Spring - Playground Time

This weekend we spent far more time outside than in. Doors and windows were flung open with curtains flapping in the breeze. Blades of grass litter our kitchen floor and a bouquet of dandelions rests on my dining room table, filling my heart with joy.

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