12 May
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Love Notes From My Children

Love Notes from Children on Mother's Day

There’s a drawer in my nightstand overflowing with love in the form of construction paper, markers and crayons. It’s where I keep the love notes from my children. I find the carefully written words and brightly colored pictures far too precious to store away under a bed or tucked in a folder.

Motherhood, Part 4 - Welcoming Baby A to the Family

I sifted through the drawer yesterday, searching for the cards specifically dedicated to Mother’s Day.  I gingerly opened each handmade memento with the care of an archivist. I soaked in the words professing thanks for meals made, time spent at school, boo-boos kissed, hugs given and books read. I felt cherished and appreciated. There are days I’m sure no one has any idea what I do, nor does anyone care, but reading those love notes proves me wrong every time. My children see what I do, and more importantly, understand its importance. Our little ones deserve far more credit than we give them.

Love from my Children on Mother's Day 2014

My family has seen me at my worst and still welcomes me with open arms. No one has asked me to do better, even on those days when I know I’ve fallen far short of my best. I’m met with love and adoration, far more than I deserve. When I’m hardest on myself, so sure I’m failing, my four children see only a mother loving and taking care of them. My family gives me direction to my steps and motivation for continued improvement. I see reassurance in their lives of a brutal job well-done.

I am thankful to be entrusted with my children, who were His before they were mine. I’m grateful for His grace each day and for the incredible gift of calling myself mom. Even if there was no day set aside to celebrate motherhood and no drawer full of love notes, I would still pour myself into this act of nurturing souls. On the longest of days when tears have flowed, from me and them, to the days of triumphs and understanding, this is what I was shaped to do.

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