29 May
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Yes Day: The Best Day Ever

We added the book Yes Day! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal to our home library a couple years ago, and it changed the way I parent.

In the story, each request by a little boy is answered with “yes,” until the very end. I won’t spoil the ending.

A few times a year my kiddos wake up to find it’s Yes Day in our house. Yesterday was the first day of summer vacation, making it an obvious choice for Yes Day. We’ve established a few ground rules when Yes Day occurs. All requests must be legal, open for each of us to participate, realistic and within our financial means. We aren’t going to Disneyland, or riding without car seats, or staying in bed all day. Yes Day is a family event, except for Craig, because someone has to support us.

Pizza for a picnic lunch? Yes, of course, on this day!

Yes Day requests at our house primarily revolve around food. We try to follow a whole foods, no processed food lifestyle, for the most part, so the kids use Yes Day as a means to indulge. Every Yes Day we’ve done has had ice cream for breakfast. It’s a tradition. We put together a sundae bar complete with toppings and ice cream you scoop yourself.

We ended up spending most of our day at a nearby Wyoming state park playing in the water and enjoying upper 80-degree temperatures. Instead of a picnic lunch, the kids asked to bring pizza and breadsticks to the park. Our afternoon finished with happy hour at our local Sonic Drive-In and video games at home. Macaroni and cheese and movie night wrapped up our Yes Day.

Fun in the water on Yes Day

Sometimes I get caught up in the act of raising people and forget to just utterly relax and enjoy life. I have my moments, but an entire day where I didn’t cross something off my to-do list is rare. Yes Day frees me from the parts of parenting I don’t enjoy, the rut of continuous nagging by me or the repetitious cycle of saying “no” or the need to grocery shop or do never-ending laundry. I actually enjoy saying “yes” and letting the kids completely direct the course of our day.

Yes Day always has more than one kiddo proclaiming it the “best day ever,” not necessarily because of what we did but because of positive energy around the word “yes.” There’s joy in taking the elevator for a one floor trip or choosing not to eat your vegetables. There’s freedom for me in spouting affirmative phrases and locking “no” and its negativeness away for the day. That doesn’t mean I didn’t tell kids to come closer to shore when swimming or stop running through the house. It also doesn’t mean I wasn’t glad to have Yes Day end.

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  • Love this idea! We’re definitely going to have to try Yes Day this summer 😉