2 Jun
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Summer Reboot (Already)

We ended the first week of summer with a dreadful day last Friday. It was one of those days where everyone was off their game. Listening was a skill no one possessed.

Mama’s patience had run clean out, and the kiddos seemed to be conspiring to ensure every one of my buttons was pushed. I went to bed contemplating why the good Lord chose to give me one child, let alone four.

chalk-covered hands

I was determined to turn our ship around this week. I love summer, spending time with my kiddos (except last Friday) and the freedom the next three months offers. I woke up early today allowing time to ready myself for the day before the onslaught of four awake children.

sidewalk chalk art

We filled today with hours outside at a park, in the backyard and watched as our abundant sidewalk chalk supply dwindled as we decorated our sidewalk and driveway.

drawing with sidewalk chalk

As summer draws near, I make lists of ideas to keep us happy and engaged throughout the summer. I fall into a pattern of overthinking in preparation for having everyone home together when they’re used to scheduled days at school.

bucket of sidewalk chalk

I wish I could get those hours of planning back. We did nothing today from any list I made, and it was perfect. Yes, there was bickering. They worked it out (or not) and I prodded them into being civil. Those moments are fleeting during the day and necessary life training. These are the days that will color my visions of their childhoods. This day filled with the mundane is the backbone of motherhood.

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