10 Jun
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Mama Summer Camp Blues

We entered the world of summer camp this week.

We dropped off our 11-year-old at a week-long summer camp on Sunday afternoon. B was more than ready to stretch his proverbial wings, while I was a bucket of nerves. Earlier in the week my stomach knotted each time he mentioned the number of days until he left. By Saturday, he was giving me an hourly countdown, and I was contemplating ways to convince him to stay home, including payment, if necessary.

B looking over the week-long class schedule

Our kiddos haven’t been away from both of us for more than two nights, and that’s only happened a handful of times. I knew B would be fine without us, but would I be fine without him? I enjoy spending time with him. He’s witty and a great conversationalist. Honestly, he’s a major help to me at home. The four kids and I had found our summer rhythm, and I was wary about one of the spokes of my now well-oiled wheel missing.

The camp is an education-based summer camp held at our local community college. B is staying in a residence hall, eating meals in the cafeteria and taking classes from experts in various fields. His only concern was who he would room with. Within minutes of meeting his roommate, we knew that worry was needless. They quickly found common ground revolving around Minecraft, and after listening to my three boys talk about that game, I’m sure tweens can spend a week talking only about Minecraft and be perfectly happy.

Ready to move into the residence hall

Summer camp has helped reassure me of our decision to give B a cell phone. The highlight of my days this week have been a text at dinner  followed by a call before bed. The best part: I didn’t even ask him to call or text. We just sent the phone to reassure me he was just a text away. I think there’s a chance he misses us, maybe not as much as I miss him, but enough to update me on his self-proclaimed “best week ever.”


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1 Comment

  • My nephew did Key Camp last year and loved it. I agree with your sentiment of “I’ll never be ready” for them to be away, even if they will be ready to go.