12 Jun
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Perfect, Unplanned Summer Night

Yucca plant stems - a perfect summer night

It took a handful of text messages and an ordinary summer night was transformed into the perfect summer memory.

Wednesday night, and the fistful of nights like it, are the reason I adore summer. We had no plans. Our days this week have been full and this mama has been running closer to exhausted than energized. Close friends are in town on vacation, and I could feel the countdown for when they were leaving looming. Getting together (again) was a must. I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm for a production and the weather wasn’t cooperating for a possible swimming/wading outing.

The beauty of spending time with people who truly know you and yours is the lack of expectations. Nothing need to be cleaned. No one’s clothes had to be changed or hair brushed. No concrete plan had to be hatched. All it took for a perfect summer night were boxes of pizza on the counter, a pile of cut up fruits and veggies and screen doors opening and closing as 12 kiddos moved freely from outside to inside.

Older kiddos lounged on the floor and couch watching a movie, while younger ones squealed and shrieked in the backyard. Very little parenting was needed. Everyone was free to relax and enjoy the evening with friends we only see annually. It was perfect.

I have no photos from the night. I actually never thought to pull out my camera. I was too busy enjoying the company of people who know my heart. The night was uncomplicated and fuss-free. It was about people giving of their time and space to enjoy each other’s company. Looking forward to more perfect, unplanned summer nights.


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