16 Jun
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Lucky 13 Years of Marriage

First dance as a married couple

Thirteen years ago I said, “I do,” to my best friend. I was smitten, ridiculously in love and unable to contemplate living without him.

Not until years later when we were raising two small boys, paying a mortgage and living hours from any family members did I realize the gravity of those two words said at an altar in the college town we met in.

I never expected marriage to be easy. We’ve traversed boulders of despair and valleys of indifference. We’ve not always understood each other’s wants and needs. Our 13 years have been imperfect.


The peaks have been grander and brought me more happiness than I ever envisioned for myself. I don’t believe that young woman dressed in white 13 years ago entirely understood what she was deciding to do. I gave my entire being over to another in a partnership that would strive to reach the limits of a lifetime. That one choice in June shaped so much of the weeks and years to come.

13 years of wedded bliss

The decades before our wedding seem merely a prologue to the actual story of my life. I relish the idea of someone knowing me so well and still choosing to love imperfect me as unconditionally as he does. Here’s to the first 13 years of our lifetime partnership.

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