17 Jun
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5K Color Run Triumph

Crossing the finish line at a 5k color run

I’ve contemplated running a 5-kilometer race several times over the last few years, never seriously though. I’ll read a poster for a 5K and think I should try that, only to remind myself of something very important. I’m not a runner.

I enjoy exercise, just not running. Honestly, I’ve never given running a legitimate chance. It simply doesn’t appeal to me. We had several friends who went to color run 5Ks in bigger cities the last couple of summers, and one was held in our town last summer. I thought a 5K where volunteers throw powdered color on participants sounded fun and family-friendly.

vibrant 5K color run colors

The Jackalope Rainbow 5K Color Run was held in a small town near us last week. When we discovered proceeds from the run would go to a foundation setup by people we knew, I pushed past my mental roadblock against running and signed up the family.

For years, I told myself I wasn’t something and couldn’t do something. It turns out I just might be and absolutely could. I enjoyed the 5K. I was jogging the race with my 4-year-old daughter and still had fun. We managed the 5K in 49 minutes, which seems quite respectable for dragging a preschooler along, a preschooler with a tendency to whine quite a lot.

Family photo after 5K color run

I’ll admit the color part of the race did help breakup the monotony of jogging. I enjoyed hearing my little girl squeal each time we were blasted with a new color. I don’t know if running will become part of my fitness routine, but I know my family will take part in another color run. I never imagined I would speak so highly of a running experience. It’s empowering to push past a self-made roadblock.

A couple tips for a color run:

  1. We covered the seats in our vehicles with old sheets for the drive home. It worked perfectly.
  2. We brought wet wipes and paper towels with us to the race and wiped as much color as possible off our bodies before climbing into the vehicle.
  3. Our kiddos wore sunglasses during the race. We didn’t have any complaints about dust in eyes.
  4. Everything we wore at the race laundered clean. No one would guess it was once covered in bright color splotches.

The Jackalope Rainbow 5K Color Run benefited the Miranda Jean Rinn Memorial Fund. Donations can be sent to Miranda Jean Rinn Memorial Fund, c/o Converse County Bank, P.O. Box 689, Douglas, WY 82633

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