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Going to the Beach: Seminoe State Park

On the way to our favorite beach spot at Seminoe State Park

Growing up landlocked in Wyoming with parents who weren’t travelers meant the only thing I knew about beaches came from books and movies. We were mountain people.

I traveled to Mexico in high school and realized I couldn’t be pigeonholed into loving one geographical feature. The beach had a magical hold of me. Unfortunately, the hold isn’t so strong that I find myself living anywhere near a coast. A beach with ocean views is at least a 16 hour drive from my home.

A sandy beach in Wyoming -- a shore view of Seminoe State Park

My husband and I have made it our mission to visit as many nooks and crannies as possible in this state we call home. Obvious places like Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park and Devil’s Tower are proven crowd-pleasers. Our search for a beach needed something more obscure.

Seminoe State Park is located near Rawlins, WY. We travel there over sparsely driven county roads (a Wyoming Scenic BackWay) with some of my favorite Wyoming views.

Kids (and mama) enjoying time in the sand and water - Seminoe State Park

The park is home to a reservoir and shorelines of soft, light-tan beach sand. It’s what my childhood self envisioned a beach but without the crashing waves of the ocean. Our kiddos refer to Seminoe as “going to the beach.” We spread out across the sand with our towels, chairs, and giant bag of sand toys and floaties. I’ll spend hours listening to splashing children and viewing canals dug in the sand. We’ll bury each other in the sand and chase each other with buckets full of water. There’s no need to worry about sharks or someone floating out to sea in our little inlet.

It’s my happy spot. My to-do list and responsibilities melt away as I dig my toes into the warm sand. Nothing seems to matter on that beach except this family I’ve been given. I dread being the adult and telling everyone the fun is over. I’m always the last person in line as our convoy heads back to the car. My final images from our trip are footprints in the sand.

Footprints on the shoreline - Seminoe State Park

Tucking our sun-bleached, tan-armed kiddos into bed exhausted from a day at the “beach” fills my heart with memories I cling to on those days when there are no beaches. Days burdened by activities, appointments and day-to-day drudgery require memories of blissful joy. This time, my happy place filled me with an endless supply of joy.


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