2 Sep
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Embracing the Next Step in Parenting

My tumultuous emotions revolving around my oldest starting middle school has everything to do with me and not much to do with him. This is my selfish mama moment.

He’s ready for this next level. He’s capable. This next chapter excites him.

I thought I was terrified of the big, bad middle school filled with hormones where my son will be exposed to heaven knows what. I am, a little, on-edge for the doors, both good and questionable, that will open over the next few years. At the center of my emotional tornado, I’m truly not worried about the institution of middle school. I’m saddened I’m already at this juncture in my parenting.

boy opening school locker

Great — he’s ready, but I’m not. I walked around B’s middle school last week helping him find his classes and master his locker. He took everything in stride, chatting about how “cool” everything was. I was viewing a mental flashback of the prior 11 years leading to that day. The first steps, the first words, the first falls, the six other first days of school, and hundreds of other firsts that pepper the life of my oldest child.

I’m blessed with this boy and his witty mind. I enjoy his presence in my days. This year marks the halfway point of his public education, and I’m not ready to be halfway to anything.

My sadness is not about him. It’s about me letting go and moving on to a new phase in parenting, a new phase in my son’s life. I tell my children often to be brave and show courage during the day when we’re apart. Now it’s time for this mama to put on her brave face and embrace this new stage of motherhood.


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