15 Oct
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Growing Apples Without Trying

I’ve done more research than I care to admit on gardening. I’ve read article after article and cannot seem to grow a thing. Gardening advice is hard for me to comprehend. My friends, who manage to grow food, seem magical to me.

This year I didn’t even attempt to plant anything. Our apple tree, which was already full grown when we moved in, decided to show me the glory of nature…again.

red apples in a bucket

Our tree sits in the backyard next to our back deck. Our four children are hard on our backyard. Grass struggles to grow under the relentless pounding of feet. Not much watering happens in the backyard where it seems to be more dirt and tree roots than anything else. I dread when people are visiting and want to go into the backyard. In my eye, it really seems like we just don’t care enough about the backyard, but I’ve been reassured countless times that my vision of the yard is not the reality of the situation.

red apples in a bucket

That apple tree has been climbed up countless times in the 12 years we’ve called this house home. Items have been tethered to the trunk and hung from the branches. The stories that tree could tell of make-believe games played around its base and in its branches.

person holding a red apple in her hand

The tree is primarily watered by whatever sustenance God provides. Yet every other year it produces an abundance of apples for months on end. Our buckets overflow. Even as I write, there are still apples on the tippy top of the tree. They look just like the apples I buy at the store and are the definition of organic. I have days when I look at the tree in awe of what it can do with the little it has to work with.

I’ve used that tree so many times when talking to the kids about never underestimating yourself or someone else. That apple tree appears so unassuming and small for what it’s capable of doing and providing, much like these little people I’m raising.

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