17 Oct
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Halloween Tradition: Booing Our Friends

Decorated Halloween Boo Bag

We’ve always kept dress-up supplies in all sizes available for the kids to use. I enjoy watching their imaginations explode with the help of a simple piece of fabric. Most days our house is home to archers, spies and princess warriors. Forts are erected, and the kids disappear into a world of make believe. Halloween is one day of the year where a whole lot of people will play make believe together with the bonus addition of candy. Seeing children display their imaginations makes me happy.

Our favorite Halloween tradition is booing our friends. It’s May day for October.  Each year we pick several friends and prepare gift bags full of goodies to be left anonymously at front doors. We’ve done it for years, long before the kids could quickly ring a doorbell and safely run away unnoticed.

Halloweedn boo bag goodies and candy

I’ll purchase Halloween supplies on clearance after the holiday and store them specifically to be used for the next year’s boo bags. I attempt to remember each year what we put in the bags, so we don’t duplicate it the following year. I’m sure my memory fails me every year. I really should keep a spreadsheet.

This year we opted to fill our bags with food instead of Halloween-themed toys. Our bags included mandarin oranges and hot cocoa mix, enough for each child in the house, a bag of microwave popcorn and a few small pieces of candy. Along with the treats goes a note explaining what the bag means and a sign to hang in the front window telling your neighborhood you’ve been booed. We hope our friends boo two of their friends and so on. We always boo more than two families, just to get the ball rolling.

Halloween boo bag printed directions

My boys are old enough now to enjoy the thrill of ringing a doorbell and escaping without being seen. It appeals to their 007 side. Some years we’re caught but that also feeds the need to practice being more stealth. They’re proud of themselves when they sneak away successfully while I’m just glad no one has been injured in the race to make it back to the car before the house door opens.

If you happen to spot this year’s bag on your doorstep. Pretend you know nothing. It’ll be our secret.


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