7 Nov
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Being Reassured in Parenting

This parenting business is tricky. I have entire days that just seem difficult from sunrise to sunset. No one is listening or has apparently never listened to any advice or direction I’ve ever offered. Parenting issues seem to spiral and compound until I’m deflated and exhausted. On any given day, I can fluctuate from completely capable parent to inept 100 times. Then there are days like yesterday. I was gifted with a strong reminder that all the effort required to raise up people is paying off.

boy giving presentation in front of group

My husband and I spend one lunch a month with other parents at our oldest son’s middle school. The staff updates the group on what’s happening at school, students of the month are celebrated and students showcase work they’re doing in the classroom. B told us he was going to be at the lunch with a project his team was working on for Destination Imagination, a creative, problem-solving-based class. I didn’t give much thought to him actually presenting in front of the group. I assumed he would quickly show the group his project and move along. Instead, I watched him stand in front of a large group of adults and peers and speak for four minutes about his project. I know exactly how long he stood up there because I videotaped every second.

He was nervous, but no one would have known. He was articulate and funny. He seemed so grown up and capable. I know a great deal of his comfort in front of people is his personality, but sitting watching him be comfortably himself in front of people he doesn’t know made me realize we just might be on the right path with this parenting thing. I latch onto those moments. That videotape is my reminder for those moments when I’m just sure parenting is not my thing. It gives me hope through the process.

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