12 Nov
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Brrr…Living Somewhere Cold

Barbed-wire fence with snow-covered hill in the background

Our youngest is not impressed with the recent cold temperatures in Wyoming. She had to be pried from the cocoon of warmth and comfort her bed provided this morning. She scowled as she ate breakfast and stomped off to get dressed for the day. We were bundling up to drive to middle school for drop-off when she exclaimed, “Why do we live here?!”

Her brothers and I just stared at her as her rant continued.

“I want to wear flip flops and short sleeves.”

“I don’t like how my nose feels outside.”

“The sound of squeaky snow hurts my ears.”

It’s only day three of winter here, and she has clearly hit her threshold. To be fair, arctic temperatures are not my favorite either. That 30 degrees above zero in two days is going to feel lovely. Really, you can’t say that everyday.

Into the vehicle we went, the little one still grumbling to herself.

Snow-covered bush with red leaves

I’ve called this state home for 37 years. Weather is fickle in the Cowboy State. This year we were spoiled. We were treated to an actual autumn with weeks of leaves changing color and falling to the ground. Some years that season is completely skipped. We enjoyed 50s and 60s into the month of November. Going from 60 degrees on Sunday to -9 on Wednesday isn’t enjoyable, but really just par for the course.

Winter can be harsh here. The wind seemingly sucks my will out of me for days on end. The roads are slick. The snow can be deep. The cold, well, we’ve covered that. My feet will be cold until March.

Snow-covered weed

As much as I despise the act of living through the winter, it helps me to have a greater appreciation for the warmer months. Days without wind are cherished because I know what it feels like to be blown into the side of a building…literally. Sunny, warm days are spent outside soaking it in because they’ll be gone for half of the year.

I like the look of our snow-dusted mountain and the way the crisp, freezing air feels the first time I walk outside. I like soups in the slow cooker, bread in the oven, and warm drinks.

We live here because in all of our travels, we’ve never found anywhere quite like this place. We live here because it’s where we feel the most at home…even if it is freezing.


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