17 Nov
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Enjoying a Needed Dose of Nothing

a day on a calendar with nothing written on it

I stood staring at the calendar Friday night. Something was wrong. There was nothing written in the Saturday box.

I told myself to think. Think. Think. THINK! Obviously I had forgotten something. There is never a square on the calendar without something written. There is always some place one of us is required to be or some task needing attention on or before a certain date. Saturday was gloriously blank and not because I had forgotten something. It was a much-needed gift of nothing.

All six of us slept late. We ate donuts for breakfast before heading to the movie theatre. Movies are ridiculously expensive for a family of six and we struggle to find a movie time that works with everyone’s schedule. Saturday was different. We could pick any time during the day. We were free. We opted for 10 a.m. because we could, and it’s cheaper. The kids couldn’t believe their luck. Watching a new movie at the theatre hasn’t happened in I don’t know how long. They were bursting with gratitude.

We spent hours finishing small projects around the house. We read. We may have watched another movie at home Saturday night. I listened to kids play together, not always nicely, but together. They had time to just be kids engrossed in their own imaginative world with no task needing to be completed.

I had to shake away the feelings that continually attempted to highjack my Saturday of nothing. This little voice kept chiding me, “You’re STILL sitting down. You’re being so unproductive. You could get so much done today.” I could have had a list of items neatly crossed off for the free hours I was given. Instead, I have memories of a house filled the people who matter most just enjoying the time we were given.


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