20 Nov
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Stuck in a Parking Lot

I left the house this morning just before 9 a.m. to drop off my youngest at preschool. I was rocking this Thursday. I had exercised, dropped three kids off at school, done dishes, cleaned two bathrooms, put one load of laundry in the washing machine and sorted a second pile. It wasn’t even 9 a.m.

I was riding a supermom high. That feeling is rare in this house. I remembered paperwork to take to preschool, books to take to the library and was on time to a morning meeting. The meeting was productive and reassuring. I walked to the parking lot feeling fantastic on my way to some me-time with friends at a local coffee shop. In the parking lot, I ran into a friend I don’t see often enough and had time to chat. Thursday was blessing me.

jumper cables draped on a brown bag

Then I turned the ignition key on the vehicle and heard “click, click, click.” Ugh. The high stopped there.

I waited a few minutes only to try again with the same outcome. I’m grateful my husband works in town and only blocks from where I was parked. A quick call and my knight was there to rescue me. It wasn’t fast or easy. We had to wait for a parking spot close enough for him to hook up jumper cables. A friend had to pick up my daughter from preschool and bring her to me. I missed a much-anticipated coffee date with gal pals. BUT after a few minutes of thinking maybe the issue was bigger than the battery, the vehicle roared to life.

under the hood of a SUV vehicle

I was blessed with an efficient morning and then blessed through an obstacle. It’s a blessing my husband has a career that allows him to play knight when needed. It’s a blessing to have friends who are willing to help with kids. It’s a blessing to have two vehicles that work (mostly). It’s a blessing the weather was sunny and beautiful instead of bitter and snowy. It’s a blessing to be instantly able to connect with people in a parking lot seeking assistance and apologizing for missed plans.

I felt blessed through the high and low of this morning. This afternoon is shaping itself  to be more like my pre-9 a.m. hours. Unless the vehicle doesn’t start for school pickup.

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