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Uniting for Santa Claus

There are days when it feels like this family will always be three boys vs. one girl. They bicker. The boys are rough. The girl is not. She wants to change her clothes multiple times a day. They could care less what they wear. Seven years between oldest son to only daughter sometimes feels like much more.

Then there are days when I see them for what they truly are. They are four siblings who love each other despite all the differences. They honestly grasp what it means to be family at a much younger age than I think I ever did. I’ll catch the 12-year-old reading to his sister without being asked. The 10-year-old taught himself to braid hair, and the 7-year-old helped the girl dress as a ninja for a secret mission.

Four children visiting with Santa and Mrs. Claus

All six of us stood in line this weekend to visit Santa Claus. I knew the oldest two boys weren’t interested in telling anyone dressed in a red suit what they wanted for Christmas. The two younger ones were enthusiastically discussing what they would ask for when they finally reached the front of the line. No one grumbled as we waited. The older ones pointed out Mrs. Claus and seemed interested in what the younger ones were hoping for. All four children gamely posed with the big guy and his wife.

The older two boys gave that memory to their siblings and to me. Those moments help me through the ones where children are calling each other annoying and demanding their LEGOs be left alone.


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