4 Dec
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Always the Little Things

I’m a fan of the small gesture. A text to say hello puts a smile on my face. I appreciate the effort put into a hand-written note or card found in my mailbox. A genuine compliment or inquiry into how I am makes me feel noticed.  You never know when two minutes of your time may be the bright spot in someone’s day.

Our oldest son finished his first quarter in middle school on the honor roll. His name was in the newspaper, and the school held a breakfast for the honor roll students. He worked hard for those grades, and I was glad he was recognized. That was a few weeks ago.

Congratulation for making the honor roll

This week he received more recognition in the form of a postcard from his former elementary school. Staff members from the school signed the card and wrote encouraging words. The card was delivered during one of our son’s classes. That postcard was the first thing B wanted to talk about when I picked him up from school. He couldn’t believe a group of people took time to even notice he was on the honor roll, let alone send him a card.

The little things are important. The 30 seconds spent to sign a name on a piece of cardstock made it valuable enough for the 12-year-old recipient to hang it on the wall. The next time a person comes to mind seemingly out-of-the-blue, send a message or drop-off some coffee. The gesture won’t go unnoticed.


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