10 Dec
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Avoiding Christmas Failure

bokeh star light effect on Christmas lights

Every year when we pull out Christmas boxes filled with decorations, I think I’m going to cutback this year. We won’t put up quite as many decorations and only do those traditions that we absolutely LOVE. Then I start sifting through the boxes with my helpers and quickly realize that’s not going to happen. Each tradition is special and each of the children can make an argument for why we most definitely cannot live through December without XYZ.

We haven’t carved out the hours needed to decorate the outside of the house. My husband does a fantastic job of lighting the exterior, but it’s been hectic around this house. The outside has fallen off the radar. I had made peace with that not happening this year. I wasn’t going to mention anything or bug anyone to find the time. Then this conversation happened:

J: “Are we putting lights on the outside of the house?”

Me: “I’m not sure that’s going to happen this year.”

J: “No train? No candy canes? No tree with those presents underneath?”

Me: “I wish we could. I just don’t know if we can make it happen.”

J: “So this Christmas is the one we failed at? People like looking at our lights. It makes people happy. We probably shouldn’t fail.”

OK then. I wasn’t aware our Christmas traditions were graded on a pass/fail system, but apparently the children have other ideas. I’m sure I’ve been played. He knows which words move his mom to action. I mean, “people” are obviously relying on us to decorate the exterior. If there’s something I know I am, it’s a people pleaser, for better or worse. I’ll pull boxes out ready to ambush my poor husband when he comes home from work. Four people will be pleased by bedtime. Well-played children, well-played.

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