23 Dec
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Bringing Back Christmas Spirit

boy decorating a gingerbread house with candy

I count the days until Christmas break. I look forward to the freedom of non-scheduled days and taking part in family traditions. I long for slow mornings with long breakfasts and second cups of coffee. We reacquaint ourselves with board games and craft projects. Bedtime is pushed later. I feel my shoulders relax as the two weeks go by. It’s the best of medicine.

I only have to make it through that first day of break.

boy decorating a gingerbread house with candy

That first day is notoriously not the best. The children have looked forward to break for so long that they lose their minds that first day. The rules seem to fly out the window. Listening and parental respect seem optional. By 2 p.m. on day one of Christmas break, I start to think the entire thing is overrated.

boy holding a paper snowflake

Day one had moments of Christmas break greatness, but by late afternoon, it had deteriorated, leaving me with depleted Christmas spirit reserves. At times, I felt I should remind my darling offspring that I’m the mother and all that entails: chef, chauffeur, laundress, multi-tasker extraordinaire. Pull it together kids! This is the happiest time of the year! Act like it!

girl decorating a gingerbread house with candy

Even on the not-so-good days, I really don’t have anything much to lament about as far as the children are concerned. They are a few of the best, and at times, must deal with an emotional mom who struggles with the weight of parenting four people. By evening on day one, I was refilling my Christmas spirit tank.

This morning I woke up feeling grateful. The children were repentant. My sidewalk was shoveled without anyone being asked. The garbage was taken to the curb. There was much laughter and joy with no bickering or back-talking. It’s Christmas Eve eve, and we’re where we wanted to be when Christmas break was just a longing.

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1 Comment

  • I hear that! The first day off from normal routines is always a challenge. Then, thankfully, it all falls into place.