28 Dec
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Hibernating Through the Holidays

Tomorrow morning the alarm will buzz, signaling the end to our holiday hibernating.

The last four days have featured the six of us with board games, food and movies. We left for a sledding excursion and crafting essentials and returned to hunker down within the confines of our home. I haven’t looked at the calendar, and more importantly, I haven’t wondered how we’ll manage to get everyone to everything on the calendar. It’s been perfect.

Three boys playing a board game

I’ve listened to LEGOs clink in the basement and dutifully looked at the pile of new blocks morph into creations. We’ve forsaken bedtime routines and eaten when we’re hungry. No one has kept track of the number of sugar cookies consumed. The house has been full of the laughter of siblings enjoying the freedom of nothingness. There’s been bickering and a tad too much wrestling, but not outside of the realm of goodness.

Boy building a new LEGO set

Christmas cheer is lingering on our street. There were two neighbors with a snow blower and four-wheeler cleaning up sidewalks and street that won’t be plowed while school is out of session. We were left with only the seven inches of Christmas day snow on the driveway to shovel.

I’m dreading the return to normal with the start of the work week. The office calls the breadwinner, and the food stores are dwindling. Milk will need fetched and laundry washed. I could stay in this smaller world with these five people and no worries of a to-do list for a little longer.

The lingering frigid temperatures will keep us in at night this week as we welcome the new year. The kids are halfway through their Christmas break. There’s still plenty of hours for board games and movies, with just a little less hibernating.


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