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Case of the Missing Car Keys

It never fails. If there’s something to schedule, it will probably be on a Tuesday night. I get it. Monday seems too early in the week, and Thursday seems too late. Tuesday carries the bulk of our schedule. Most weeks it feels like we have two Mondays followed by Wednesday.

A strategic planning session takes place every Monday before bed at our house to make sure we have every meeting, practice, and game for all six of us on the calendar and ways to get everyone to where they need to be and home again. Tuesday immediately after school we rehash the plan. I’ll hear myself say, “If I can’t make it to here or he’s late coming out from practice, then I’ll text and we move to plan B.” Tuesdays are on my list of reasons I’m glad cell phones were invented and also on my list for why we need grandparents to live here.

I’m a planner. I tend to think about traffic patterns and how weather affects where I’m going, and how long it takes a five-year-old to put shoes on her feet. I know how long it should take me to get to most everywhere I need to be. Sometimes an unknown factor, like misplacing your car keys, comes into play. Best laid plans and all that jazz.

Empty car key holder

Tonight I was in charge of the youngest and oldest. Operation Take Oldest to Basketball Practice was successful. I came home and put my car keys on the kitchen island, not hanging them on their designated hook. This has never been a problem, until tonight. We were ready to head back to practice for pickup with time to spare, thankfully, but my keys were missing. I tore through the upstairs of our house. I checked jacket pockets for clothes I haven’t worn recently. I searched bags, tables, garbage cans and even the garage. They were nowhere. I frantically called my husband.

Me: “I can’t find my car keys anywhere!”

Him: “The last time I saw them they were on the counter.”

Me: “I know, but they aren’t there now!” (I was panicky at this point. The extra time I had to get to basketball had disappeared. My husband was with our two younger sons at Cubs Scouts, and our daughter had cheerleading practice. Ugh.)

Him, checking his own pockets: “Oh, I have them.”

Yep. My husband had both sets of car keys. I was stranded at home with places to be, and people relying on me. I don’t like the feeling of letting people down. The thought of one child, who had forgotten his cell phone (this is an entirely different topic needing addressed), waiting curbside for a promised ride made my stomach clench. At least the littlest one didn’t seem concerned about being late to cheer.

In the end, no one was stranded or late. I was seriously miffed and probably should be treated to ice cream by aforementioned key taker. I’m sure I’ll find it funny later, like the time the car keys were flushed down a random toilet in a rest area in South Dakota while on vacation, not by me. Or the time we were without kids on a mini-getaway and the keys were locked in the car. Pregnant me was miffed then and had to wait a very long time to eat dinner. That key incident was also not my fault. There’s a pattern here with a certain husband and car keys — it needs to be broken.


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1 Comment

  • I love to read your stories. Brings back many good memories. Make a spare set of keys, do not tell said spouse and just keep them in your purse. Do not tell ANYONE you have them–and then–you ALWAYS WILL have them.