23 Mar
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Cleaning, Rearranging and Clearing Clutter

Recent bright blue skies and sunshine kicked me into spring cleaning and organizing mode. I’ve cleaned closets and drawers while loads of curtains stripped from grimy windows washed. Furniture was moved and vacuumed under. Trim paint was touched up, and that’s just the start of my spring cleaning list.

I’m energized by taking care of our home. I’ve learned when I feel motivated to clean, rearrange and clear clutter, it’s best to buckle down and go with the urge. Actually wanting to clean and tidy the house doesn’t strike often.

I love feeling motivated. I feed on the sense of purpose that comes with focusing on a task and crossing it off a list. Crossing items off my to-do list is like a giant pat on my back that says, “Hey look at me go!” Most of my projects in the last 10 days aren’t anything anyone would notice. The windows do look cleaner, but honestly they weren’t that bad. Curtains are less dusty, and cushions no longer hide crumbs and lost LEGOs. No one notices the difference but me. I’m all right with that. I like taking care of our home and what’s it in, both things and people.

white and gold nightstand from 1960s

Warmer temperatures ignite my creative juices. I want to paint things, rearrange furniture, use hot glue and create something. I’m not kidding anyone in my house when it comes to painting. I don’t enjoy painting walls or furniture, but I like the idea of the finished product. More than once I’ve started painting a room only to hand the brush to Craig and walk away. I’m too impatient to wait for coats of paint to dry. I want a magic wand to wave and the changes just happen. I always have the urge to paint something in the spring when the weather turns nice…every single year. My daughter was given a nightstand that once sat in my mom’s childhood bedroom. I like the lines of the piece but the yellowing white and gold accents weren’t my style. It needed a fresh coat of white and updated hardware. The project took the greater portion of a day because of drying time. I primed and then painted two white coats before calling it finished. It fits nicely in the bedroom with the new look, and I managed to do all the painting myself.

white nightstand with blue handles against purple wall

I’ll get an idea in my head and won’t be able to shake it away. We had three frames hanging in our living room that were a dark brown/red color. For months, I walked into the room and stared at the frames. I didn’t like them. They didn’t fit our current style. Spray paint was the answer. My husband helped me pick the color. I could take weeks just picking a color for a project. My husband knows this and likes to expedite the process when possible.

spraypaint can with three frames

If I don’t decide on something, he’ll hear me talk about it for weeks. It never fails that I’ll decide on paint and have buyer’s remorse as soon as arriving home. As soon as I started spraying the frames, I thought the color was wrong. Thankfully, the frames turned out better than I had hoped and give a pop of color to the wall.

living room with three frames on wall

I don’t like to spend money on home decorating if possible. I’ll walk around rooms and look for items that could live somewhere else in the house. Part of our oldest son’s skeleton key collection hangs on a wall in the dining area. Jars of collected treasures (rocks, shells, etc.) line shelves. I’ve been known to find items (windows, bike wheels, cabinet doors) and incorporate them into our decor. I’m forever on the lookout for things to salvage.

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