29 Apr
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Perspective Through Inconvenience

Rural road in Wyoming

I take for granted the posh lifestyle I lead compared to most of the world’s people. I have more than most, no matter what my list of wants may look like. I’ve been whiny this last week about the inconveniences thrown in my path.

The only way I can tolerate our crazy family schedule is because we have two vehicles and two licensed drivers. I’ve learned that if one vehicle is taken out of the equation, my anxiety level increases ten-fold and not everything can be accomplished. It just doesn’t work.

My husband’s vehicle has been at the mechanic for a week needing a fuel pump replaced. Thankfully he could tweak his work schedule to work around our less-mobile lifestyle, and the weather has been nice enough most days for him to bike to-and-from work. Having only one vehicle has stretched my planning skills. There have been some logistics to work through.

We were relieved to finally get the call that the vehicle was finished. Two hours after he picked up the vehicle, Craig was calling to tell me it wouldn’t start. It seemed to be the same problem. Ugh. There were phone calls to the mechanic, a whole lot of waiting for a tow truck and picking up a rental provided for us. Thankfully he is calm and collected, while I’m passionate. He handled the situation much better than I would have.

One available vehicle is not the end of the world. Sure, it’s inconvenient. I missed a few things I would have liked to attend. People were kept waiting. In the inconvenience I realized how good I have it, and a dose of perspective is always a good thing.


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