3 May
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There’s a What Today?

I know better than to be cocky about this parenting thing.

Yesterday I rocked motherhood. Today I managed to avoid a motherhood disaster.

Our oldest had a track meet 90 minutes from home yesterday. Friday night he and I engaged in a passive/aggressive argument about whether or not the family should make the trek to the meet for the morning and come back to town for other obligations that afternoon.  I knew he wanted us to come. I also knew he didn’t want to add another thing to our weekend on the off-chance that this might actually be the time my head explodes from schedule overload. He kept saying, “It doesn’t matter to me.” I kept hearing, “Please don’t leave me out.” Finally, after begging the child to tell me what he wanted, he admitted that he did want us to watch him. I’m hyper-aware that at any moment our tween may decide he no longer wants us around, so we went.

boy throwing discus

B was dropped off at 6:15 a.m. to the bus, and the rest of us were on the road by 7:20 a.m. By 1:40 p.m., we had traveled three hours round trip, watched B in three track events, walked countless steps from event to event and had a picnic lunch. One of the younger kiddos had a birthday party at 2 p.m. and the youngest a princess tea party at 2:15 p.m. followed by a father/daughter dance that evening. There were two different hairstyles and dresses in a span of three hours for our daughter. I managed to pull off both outfits with no problem and time to spare before the dance. When I finally climbed into bed after midnight, I felt pretty good about my mothering skills.

girl looking in mirror

This morning we actually were ready early for church. I was leisurely drinking my coffee checking email and basking in my ability to handle our schedule without stress and while making everyone feel loved and included when my husband said, “You know that J has his recital today, right?”

So much for rocking motherhood.

boy playing the flute

It’s not that I forgot there was a recital during the month of May. I forgot it was today. So much for leisurely coffee. I couldn’t remember if there was specific attire for the recital which led to a search through old emails and finally a text to the flute teacher. Another text was sent to someone else explaining I wasn’t going to do what I said I would do this afternoon. The boys’ closet was searched to ensure there was something that fit and was clean to pass for recital attire.

In the end, nothing was forgotten. We weren’t even late. This weekend was the ebb and flow of parenting. Some days the gears all fit and other days there are glitches to overcome. The way we choose to handle the glitches makes all the difference. We laughed away the near-disaster today, and I took a much closer look at the coming week’s schedule.

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