18 May
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Percy Jackson Birthday Party

My favorite birthday parties to plan are based on books. Our third son turned eight this weekend and celebrated with a Percy Jackson themed party. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan is a family favorite. Our son is well-versed in mythology and has a passion for weapons. We knew there would need to be training worthy of demigods. Characters in Riordan’s books train at Camp Half-Blood, so our basement was transformed into camp for the day.

boy standing with a Camp Half-Blood banner

At the end of each summer at Camp Half-Blood, campers are given a bead to put on a necklace representing a special event from the year. We had guests sort through a ridiculous amount of beads we keep in our crafting supplies to make necklaces while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Party goers practiced their archery skills by shooting empty cans with toy bows and arrows. We made swords by cutting pool noodles in half and adding plastic handles found at The Dollar Store. These swords were a hit with the children, and I didn’t have to be worried about anyone injuring each other.

pin the eye on the cyclops

Cyclops, along with other mythological monsters, make appearances in the Percy Jackson series. Our 10-year-old drew a Cyclops head on a piece of poster board, and we played pin the eye on the Cyclops. The kids enjoyed the twist to the old party favorite.

Percy Jackson cake with trident

Percy Jackson and his fellow demigods eat ambrosia and drink nectar to help heal their bodies. We couldn’t train with weapons without those two foods available. I made a citrus punch for the nectar after the birthday boy insisted it needed to be yellowish in color. The ambrosia was a basic marshmallow salad recipe my children request several times a year.

zebra cake baking in the oven

The cake was based on one found here. I used a sheet of gold Wilton Sugar Paper for the trident. It was easy to work with, and the guests liked its taste. Birthday boy asked to have a zebra cake. I searched Pinterest for ideas on making this cake and was successful. I may have held my breath when we cut into the cake at the party and was relieved when it turned our exactly how we had hoped. I used a white cake batter and a chocolate batter in alternating 1/4 cup increments until the cake pan was full.

inside of the finished zebra cake

This party was easy to put together and the costs were minimal. My son helped plan the activities which helped to insure success in his eyes. I’ve planned quite a few birthday parties over the years, and this ranks as one of my favorite.

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