29 May
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100,000 Miles of Adventure

odometer reading 100,000 miles

I watched the mileage on our vehicle slowly move toward 100,000 miles over the last month. I didn’t want to miss the moment we reached the 100,000 milestone.

roadside view in New Mexico with Capulin Monument

In less than five years, we’ve driven 100,000 miles of this country. A lot of those miles aren’t interesting. There’s running to school and practices and errands and school and practices. But, if a great portion of those miles could tell their story, it’s one of adventure, new destinations and roads less traveled.

Gulf of Mexico

Five years ago, I was a proud owner of a minivan. Yes, proud. I loved my minivan. It was easy to park. It was easy to get in and out of for children of all ages, but it wasn’t four-wheel drive and didn’t have high clearance. The van couldn’t take us to places we wanted to see. I reluctantly traded the van for a SUV.

Beach on San Juan Island

Our current vehicle is my most favorite of all the vehicles we’ve owned, which is a very short list, but I can’t imagine driving anything else. It’s built like a tank, and my 6-foot frame can comfortably sit in the backseat. I still feel like I take up an extremely large piece of the road and find parking tricky, even after five years of practice.

view from Pikes Peak Colorado

Over the weekend we hit 100,000 miles. We were in a nearby town, so I was able to pull over and document the mileage. We had a little celebration in our car for reaching the milestone. I know we travel a lot, but 100,000 miles feels like A LOT. We weren’t so celebratory when the vehicle was in for an oil change this week, and we saw the checklist of things a vehicle with 100,000 miles has to go through. It’s extensive.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

I’m blessed to own a large, comfortable vehicle in a country where it’s easy to travel where I want mostly, due to weather, when I want to travel. The ability and desire to take my family on adventures is not something I take for granted. Traveling is when I’m at my happiest, sometimes also my most stressed.

dirt road in Washington

We’ve deflated tires to drive on sand near the great sand dunes in Colorado. We’ve been in the middle of nowhere Washington climbing a mountain with branches scraping the side of the vehicle in search of elusive mountain goats. There have been theme parks, cities, 21 sates, ferries, national parks, lots of dirt roads and more mountain tops than I can count. We’ve been served well and look forward to another summer with even more miles of adventure to add.

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